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Utrecht Proactive Coping Competence scale

Proactive coping is a highly relevant concept in research regarding self-regulation and health behavior  The Utrecht Proactive Coping Competence scale (UPCC) was developed by researchers from the Self-Regulation lab to assess an individual’s competency with regard to the various skills associated with proactive coping. Below, you can find a link the Dutch and English version of this questionnaire and two explanatory articles regarding the UPCC from our lab.

If you would like to use the questionnaire, please contact prof. Denise de Ridder,

UPCC, Dutch version

UPCC, English version

Article regarding the UPCC P&G (in Dutch)

Article regarding the UPCC P&H

Tempest Self-Regulation Questionnaire for Eating

For information see: De Vet, E., Stok, F.M., De Ridder, D.T.D., Brunso, K., Baban, A., & Gaspar, T. (2014). Assessing self-regulation strategies: Development and validation of the Tempest Self-Regulation Questionnaire for Eating (TESQ-E) in adolescents. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 11: 106. pdf

TESQ-E, Belgian version

TESQ-E, Danish version

TESQ-E, Finnish version

TESQ-E, German version

TESQ-E, Dutch version

TESQ-E, Polish version

TESQ-E, Portugese version

TESQ-E, Romanian version

TESQ-E, English version

Internal Reports

Voorneman, I., De Ridder, D.T.D., Adriaanse, M.A. (2011). Aim for The Moon, Reach for The Stars: The Importance of Desirability and Feasibility Considerations in Health Goals. Internal Report Self-Regulation Labpdf

Verhoeven, A. A. C., Adriaanse, M. A., de Vet, E., Fennis, B. M., & de Ridder, D. T. D. Examining the long term effectiveness of a cue-monitoring plus planning intervention targeting unhealthy snacking habits (Nederlandse samenvatting). Internal Report Self-Regulation Lab. pdf

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