Popi Tsafou

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On one hand, the literature is abundant with models and theories that explain the determinants and the mechanisms that underlie behavioral change in the health domain. On the other hand, numerous interventions explore their applicability in daily life. Notwithstanding the quality of the state of science, a field that remains less understood is how to maintain behavioral change in the long term.

As an early stage researcher of the Marie Curie initial training network on consumer competence (CONCORT project), my research will focus on whether self-monitoring with the use of technology can facilitate behavioral change maintenance.


I have completed two BA degrees at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, the first one (2003) in Philosophy, Education and Psychology and the second one (2011) in Psychology with a main focus in Social Psychology. In 2012, I obtained my Msc in Health and Social Psychology from Maastricht University and in September 2012, I started my PhD at Philips Research under the supervision of prof. dr. Denise de Ridder, prof. dr. Raymond van Ee and dr. Joyca Lacroix.

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