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I obtained my PhD at Utrecht University in 2014, under the supervision of Prof. Denise de Ridder, Prof. John de Wit and Dr. Emely de Vet. With my dissertation, entitled “Eating by the norm: How social norms influence young people’s eating behavior”, I won the 2015 Herman Schaalma award for best dissertation from the European Health Psychology Society. During my work as a PhD candidate, I was part of the EU-funded international research project TEMPEST (Temptations to Eat Moderated by Personal and Environmental Self-regulatory Tools), a project regarding the self-regulation of eating behavior in children and adolescents. Since obtaining my PhD, I have continued working part-time at the Self-Regulation Lab as a postdoctoral researcher, while also taking up a postdoctoral research position at the University of Konstanz (Germany). My current research interests are social influence, persuasive communication, reactance and nudging. I am also strongly involved in DEDIPAC (Determinants of Diet and Physical Activity), a European Joint Programming Initiative within the Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life pillar.


Supervision of bachelor’s and master’s theses; teacher in several courses at the bachelor, master and research master levels.

Selection of Publications

Stok, F.M., De Ridder, D.T.D., De Vet, E., Nureeva, L., Luszczynska, A., Wardle, J., (…) De Wit, J.B.F. (2016). Hungry for an intervention? Adolescents’ ratings of acceptability of eating-related intervention strategies. BMC Public Health, 16: 5. pdf

Stok, F.M., De Vet, E., De Wit, J.B.F., Renner, B., & De Ridder, D.T.D. (2015). Communicating eating-related rules: Suggestions are more effective than restrictions. Appetite, 86, 45-53. pdf

Stok, F.M., De Ridder, D.T.D., De Vet, E., & De Wit, J.B.F. (2014). Don’t tell me what I should do, but what others do: The influence of descriptive and injunctive peer norms on fruit consumption in adolescents. British Journal of Health Psychology, 19, 52-64. pdf

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