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Research and Education

After completing my BA in Social Sciences from the University College Utrecht in the Netherlands (2004) and my MSc in Social and Organisational Psychology from the University of Exeter in the UK (2006) I started a research worker position in the Eating Disorders Unit at the institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London in the UK (2008).
For the next three and a half years I worked on a study testing an internet-based relapse prevention intervention for people who have just completed an inpatient treatment for Anorexia Nervosa. During this period I also obtained my PhD degree, with a thesis titled “Anxiety-related Processes in People with Anorexia Nervosa” in which I investigated whether the processes established to maintain anxiety in anxiety patients are relevant to AN patients and how they affect eating pathology. My special interest lies with intolerance of uncertainty and worry, and their role in the development and maintenance of AN. I am currently applying for funding for a project examining the contribution of these two anxiety processes to treatment success in more detail.


I am coordinator of the Methods modules in the BSc courses Methods and Statistics 2 and 3 at the department of Clinical and Health Psychology. I am also coordinating the course Diagnostics this year and teach all at three courses too. Throughout the year, I furthermore supervise students’ Bachelor and Master theses.

Selection of Publications

Danner, U.N., Sternheim, L., & Evers, C. (in press). The importance of distinguishing between the different eating disorders (sub)types when assessing emotion regulation strategies. Psychiatry Research.

Complete overview of publications

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