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Laurens van Gestel

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My research project focuses on the working mechanisms of nudging techniques. With my research I aim to investigate how nudges are effective in promoting healthy eating behavior. I specifically focus on (1) the extent to which the effectiveness of nudges requires effort from individuals who are being nudged, and (2) the extent to which the effectiveness of nudges respects the intentions of the individual (i.e., motivation to eat more healthily). Throughout this research project I also examine how effort and motivation relate to acceptability of nudges.


Supervision of bachelor’s and master’s theses; teacher in several courses at the bachelor and master level.


I obtained my cum laude BA degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College Roosevelt (2013), and my MSc degree in Social and Health Psychology at Utrecht University (2015). Since September 2016 I work as a PhD candidate for the HINTS-project (Health improvement through nudging techniques) at the Self-regulation Lab.

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