Lab Talks

Overview of past and upcoming lab talks @ the Self-Regulation Lab

23/11/2015 Dr. Andrea Weihrauch (KU Leuven): When Humans Feel Like Machines: The Impact of Mechanic Dehumanization on Food Consumption

5/11/2015 Dr. Veronika Job (University of Zurich): Effects of Theories about Willpower on Self-Control

13/10/2015 Prof. Michaela Wanke (Universität Mannheim): Food for Thoughts

07/09/2015 Prof. Paul Rozin (University of Pennsylvania): Disgust and Natural Foods

8/6/2015 Prof. Martin Hagger (Curtin University): Self-Regulation of Health Behavior

3/6/2015 Prof. Paschal Sheeran (University of North Carolina): Health Behavior Change

13/3/2015 Dr. Blair Saunders (University of Toronto): How Emotional is Self-Control?

19/2/2015 Prof. Malte Friese (Saarland University): The Role of Motivation in Self-Control Depletion Effects

1/12/2014: Dr. Elske Salemink (University of Amsterdam): Cognitive Bias Modification Training in Anxiety

08/10/2014: Pelle Guldborg Hansen (Danish Inudgeyou network): Nudging Masterclass

26/6/2014: Prof. John de Wit (University of New South Wales): ‘Sex, Health and Pleasure: Reflective and Impulsive Processes in Sexual Risk

22/5/2014 Aukje Verhoeven (Utrecht University): Why We Snack Unhealthily and How to Change this

28/4/2014: Dr. Iris Schneider (VU Amsterdam): Ambivalent moves – Using Mouse Trajectories to Reveal Evaluative Conflict.

13/2/2014: Dr. Karlijn Massar (Maastricht University): From jealousy to HIV-testing: Fundamental and applied evolutionary psychology

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