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I obtained my PhD at Utrecht University in April 2012, under supervision of prof. dr. Denise de Ridder and dr. Catharine Evers. My dissertation entitled “Tricky treats: How and when temptations boost self-control” evolved around counteractive control theory and explored under what conditions food temptations may or may not activate the conflicting weight watching goal. We found that temptation strength was an important moderator for counteractive control processes: self-control behavior was activated upon confrontation with strong but not weak temptations. For example, we showed that, paradoxically, people consumed more from weakly attractive chocolate cakes compared to highly attractive chocolate cakes. In addition, we found that facilitative temptation-goal associations could be created in unsuccessful dieters by using implementation intentions, and that this cognitive outcome translated into behavior by yielding less indulgence during one-week follow-up.

Besides my work on food temptations, I have been involved in a project investigating a self-management intervention for type 2 diabetes patients. In this project, we investigated the added value of booster sessions to an existing intervention program and found that it was, at best, questionable. Furthermore, as a post-doc researcher I worked on a project about bedtime procrastination together with a team of philosophers: interestingly, we were the first to introduce bedtime procrastination – going to bed later than intended – as a self-regulation perspective on getting insufficient sleep.

Starting February 2014, I have been appointed as an Assistant Professor. I am involved as a teacher and course coordinator in bachelor’s as well as (research) master’s courses. My current research interests are procrastination, temptations, and self-control, and I have a particular fascination for the mechanisms underlying self-regulatory success.


Clinical and Health Psychology Bachelor, Social and Health Psychology Research Master, supervision of bachelor’s and master’s theses.

Selection of Publications

Kroese, F.M., Evers, C., Adriaanse, M.A., & De Ridder, D.T.D. (in press). Bedtime procrastination: A self-regulation perspective on sleep insufficiency in the general population. Journal of Health Psychology.

Kroese, F.M., Marchiori, D.R., De Ridder, D.T.D. (2015). Nudging healthy food choices: A field experiment at the train station. Journal of Public Health, 1-5. pdf 

Kroese, F. M., Adriaanse, M. A., Evers, C., & De Ridder, D. T. D. (2011). ‘Instant Success’: Turning temptations into cues for goal-directed behavior. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 37,1389-1397. pdf

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