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Since January 2017 I have been working as a postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University on the ‘Food in Motion’ project. This line of research ultimately aims to facilitate healthy snacking by making healthy foods available at critical places and times in the urban environment. To this end, we will first identify those spots by tracking citizens when they move around and keep a snack diary. In subsequent phases, a mobile device with healthy foods will be implemented and its effect on food consumption will be determined. The two main rationales for this project are: 1) there is an omnipresence of (unhealthy) snack foods in the environment, inhibiting healthy eating; 2) snacking is an habitual behavior that is not easily addressed with explicit behavior change interventions.

I have a background in health sciences and achieved a Master’s degree in Public Health at Maastricht University, with a specialization in Health Education and Promotion (cum laude in 2011). After completing university education, I stayed in Maastricht to work on a PhD project that investigated parenting in relation to children’s snacking. During those years I gained interest in studying health behaviors (mainly diet and physical activity), (childhood) obesity, dietary behaviors and conducting intervention research in this area. I obtained my PhD degree in June 2016 and worked as an epidemiologist (Public Health Service West Brabant) and researcher (Utrecht University) for a couple of months afterwards. As a researcher, I particularly like to cast a critical glance at study methodologies, apply insights from healthy psychology, and stay up to date with innovative research methods and behavior change strategies.

Selection of Publications

Gevers, D. W. M., Kremers, S. P. J., de Vries, N. K., & van Assema, P. (2014). Clarifying concepts of food parenting practices. A Delphi study with an application to snacking behavior. Appetite, 79, 51-57. pdf

Gevers, D. W. M., Kremers, S. P. J., de Vries, N. K., & van Assema, P. (2015). Patterns of food parenting practices and children’s intake of energy-dense snack foods. Nutrients, 7, 4093-4106. pdf

Complete overview of publications

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