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Anouk van der Weiden

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I am a social cognitive psychologist with a particular interest in action control. Accordingly, my research addresses the experience of controlling one’s own actions (experience of self-agency), the ability to control one’s own actions in interaction with others (joint action control), and the ability to control undesired impulses in order to attain long-term health goals (self-regulation).

In 2004 I started studying Psychology at Utrecht University, where I discovered my passion for social psychology and experimental research. I graduated from Utrecht University’s Master in Social Psychology (cum laude) in 2008 on my thesis that addressed the effect of observed gaze-shifts on object desirability. After graduating, I commenced a PhD project at Utrecht University, investigating when and how people experience that they cause their own (intended as well as unintended) behavioral outcomes, also referred to as the experience of self-agency. I continued and extended this line of research as a post-doc at the Psychiatry Department of the University Medical Centre in Utrecht. Here, I studied neural, sensorimotor, and cognitive processes involved in the integration and distinction of self and other in relation to 1) how people perceive own or others’ behavior as their own (i.e., experiences of agency), 2) how they perceive their own or another person’s body as their own (i.e., experiences of ownership), 3) how these experiences develop over age in both health and disease (i.e. schizophrenia patients and their offspring), and 4) how these experiences affect people’s (inter)actions (e.g., joint action performance, social distance).

As of November 1st 2015, I started as a post-doc at the self-regulation lab, where I am setting up a large-scale cohort study on the role of self-control and habit formation in health behavior. I  am also involved in teaching and supervising master theses.

Selection of Publications

Van der Weiden, A., Prikken, M., & van Haren, N. E. M. (2015). Self-other integration and distinction in schizophrenia: A theoretical analysis and a review of the evidence. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 57, 222-237. pdf

Van der Weiden, A., Prikken, M., Aarts, H., & van Haren, N. E. M. (in press). Individual differences in action co-representation: Not personal distress or subclinical psychotic symptoms but sex composition modulates joint action performance. Experimental Brain Research. pdf

Van der Weiden, A., Aarts, H., & Ruys, K. I. (2013). On the nature of experiencing self-agency: The role of goals and primes in inferring oneself as the cause of behavior. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 7, 888-904. pdf

Complete overview of publications

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